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Sierra Conservation Project is dedicated to reducing the amount of recyclable
waste deposited in Eastern Sierra landfills by providing convenient, affordable curbside recycling to residents, businesses and visitors of
the Eastern Sierra.

SCP & Town of Mammoth Lakes partner to expand commercial and Condo recycling. 2014 Condominium & Business recycling program opportunity now available in Mammoth Lakes.

Sierra Conservation Project and The Town of Mammoth Lakes are working together to expand business recycling programs by upgrading new and current participating businesses to bear proof containers at no cost. We also have bear proof infrastructure available to expand condominium recycling program to complexes in need. Click here for a free consultation and get your business or condo complex started today.


California mandates commercial recycling for businesses and multi-family residential locations. The new regulations take effect July 1, 2012. Click here for details on the new state mandate. Contact SCP today to get your business or condo complex set up with a recycling program today.

Check out this video that shows the recycilng process of #1 plastic bottles. Click here to view video

JUNK raft constructed of recycled plastic bottles completes voyage from California to Hawaii.

Nearly three months ago, Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal sailed out from Long Beach, California, on a boat made of 15,000 plastic bottles and a old Cessna 310 fusilage, which they appropriately named "Junk". Eriksen and Paschal took this little 2,600 mile cruise in order to bring awareness to the issue of ocean pollution. Just a short while ago, the team made land at the Ala Wai Harbor Fuel Dock on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. -K.Hampton for

Click here to learn more about their voyage to help clean up our oceans.

Automatic billing now available

We are happy to announce the addition of automatic billing services. You can now subscribe to auto billing on your debit or credit card. We will automatically bill your card for your monthly service charges each quarter. You will no longer receive a bill and you don't have to hassle with payments. To get your bill online and type "subscribe" in the memo box to begin auto billing today. Or you can call 760-914-0115 to register.

Bishop Area Service

SCP is excited to announce the expansion of our residential curbside, office and commercial recycling services to the Bishop area. Contact us today to schedule a free site analysis and let us design a recycling program to fit the specific needs of your business. Getting on board with our residential pickup service is easy and affordable. We provide your recycling containers and take care of the sorting and preparation of your recyclables.

E-Waste Pickup Service

Sierra Conservation Project is happy to announce the addition of E-waste recycling pickup service for the businesses and residents of the Eastern Sierra. Recent regulations have mandated the proper disposal of many electronic devices and other consumer electronics. SCP is here to help make recycling and properly disposing of your E-waste materials easy and convenient. If you have questions about E-waste disposal or would like to schedule a pickup please contact us at 760-914-0115.

Sierra Conservation Project
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