What time do I need to have my recycilng bin/cart out for pickup?

Recycling needs to be placed on the curb or at your pickup location by 8:00 am on your scheduled pickup day.

What can I recycle?

Please do not place any materials in your container that are not specifically listed in the recycling guidelines. Improper materials create difficulties when SCP is sorting and preparing materials for recycling. Unaccepted material types are not recycled and placing them in your bin only decreases the efficiency of our programs.

Are the home recycling containers bear proof?

Residential containers are designed to be used inside the home. Usually placed under the sink, in the kitchen or the garage. Recepticles are only left outdoors during day light hours on pickup day. Bins are not bear proof , but feature lids which reduce the chance of animal invasion.

Can I recycle large cardboard boxes?

Sierra Conservation Project recycles cardboard and chipboard (cereal or frozen dinner type boxes) for residents. All cardboard and chipboard must be broken down and no larger than 4'x4'. Place cardboard in or under your bin to avoid blowing away. Winter weather prohibits curbside collection of extra large cardboard boxes. The Town of Mammoth Lakes has gone to great efforts to provide (large box type) cardboard receptacles around town for your convenience.

Do I have to purchase containers from Sierra Conservation Project?

Residential clients will receive a FREE container upon sign up. If you think you will need additional containers you can purchase them for $20.00 per additional container. You can also purchase your recycling containers from anywhere you would like and we recommend using snap on lids that will not blow away or allow animals to get in your recycling. We do ask you to limit your container size to 32 gallons. SCP stickers are available free of charge to label your container.

What should I do if I am going to be out of town?

If you are planning on being out of town for an extended period of time. Send Sierra Conservation Project a quick e-mail and we will suspend your service untill you return.

My office doesn’t use much glass plastic and aluminum; can you just do cardboard and paper?

You may be surprised how many beverage containers one office can produce, along with paper, phonebooks, magazines and cardboard, businesses and their patrons produce a significant amount of plastic, aluminum and glass. Sierra Conservation Project will also pickup and recycle your used ink jet and laser printer cartridges. Sierra Conservation Project can also pickup specified materials by request; this requires a review of the businesses specific needs.

Does SCP offer recycling services for restaurants? If so what materials are recyclable?

Yes, Sierra Conservation Project provides restaurant recycling service to meet the specific demands of your business. More and more local restaurant owners are realizing the environmental and financial benefits of actively recycling. Restaurants produce large volumes of Glass, Plastic, Aluminum and Bi-Metal materials in their kitchens and bars. Recycling all these materials as well as office paper and cardboard can actually save you money on dumpster service while protecting the local environment.

Sierra Conservation Project is currently providing recycling containers to local businesses free of charge. Click here for information. Contact us today to have SCP conduct a free facility analysis and get your business or work place recycling! "The work upon which this publication is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the California Department of Conservation."

When recycling office paper, do we have to separate by color or paper type?

Sierra Conservation Project recycles all types of paper, but you can leave the separation to us. We strive to make recycling simple and easy, you can place all paper, magazines and junk mail in one container for pickup


Sierra Conservation Project is proud to protect our environment and to educate our surrounding communities the importance of recycling. Together and with your support we can do our part to help California achieve zero waste.

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