As the world population increases so does the amount of recyclable waste. To have a positive impact on our local communities and our landfills it is important that we recycle today. Recycling has a dramatic impact on reducing pollutants that effect our natural surroundings and resources. Find out more and learn how you can make a difference. Below is our Recycle Guidelines which is a conveniently  downloadable pdf.


Sierra Conservation Project is proud to protect our environment and to educate our surrounding communities the importance of recycling. Together and with your support we can do our part to help California achieve zero waste.

Recycling Matters

One ton of recycled aluminum cans (70,000)  saves roughly 10 cubic yards in a landfill. That’s 5 industrial 2 cubic sized sized recycle bins. Industry standards have evolved so less material is used today then what was used decades ago. Aluminum cans made in the 1970’s were much heavier and it took 22 cans to make 1 lb of aluminum as compared to today where it takes 30 cans to make 1 lb of recycled aluminum.

By recycling aluminum you have a direct impact on reducing the raw materials it takes to make aluminum products by 95%

Recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees, 60 pounds of pollutants and 7,000 gallons of water.

By reducing the amount of paper we use or by reusing scrap paper you can reduce what the average Americans already use (650 lbs per year).

Air pollutants are reduced by 74% with the production of recycled paper.

By recycling a ton of plastic products saves 30 cubic yards of landfill space.

The Village at Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes and Mono County recycling programs to preserve our environment

To see additional recycling facts and tips like mentioned above visit Waste Management.

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